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Aluminum Curtain Track Profile

Powder coated aluminum extrusion for curtain track is one of the popular surface treatments and usage in the aluminum profile industry. Currently, we have the aluminum curtain profile exporting to the Korean market, Ghana market, Mexico market, Spain market, Sri Lanka market. Apart from the powder coating, most of our clients also order anodized and wooden grain.


A grade aluminum material:

As an environment -friendly high-quality solvent-free decoration material, our powder coating aluminum profile is characterized by excellent corrosion resistance, superior mechanical properties, impact resistance, and fine flexibility, uncomparable by ordinary aluminum products. We always take the quality of aluminum ingots as the foundation of the quality of the aluminum profiles. We promise to purchase aluminum ingots only from large aluminum ingot manufacturers at home and abroad so as to ensure the final quality of products.

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Product Parameters:

Alloy:6000 series
Temper: T5
Delivery time: 20-30 days
Main market: Korea, Mexico, Ghana
Length: 3-7.2m, as requested
Shape: Square, round
Processing Service: Cutting, punching
Precision: +/-0.10mm
Packing: Shrink film, as requested
Surface treatment: Powder coating, anodized, electrophoresis, wooden grain
Color: white, cream, black, gray, chocolate, blue, green, red, and so on

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Our Service:

The aluminum curtain track profile is always used with the accessories. We help some of our clients purchase the end cap, chain, wall bracket, roller mechanism, and so on, to load with the container. It can help to save some cost and energy. On the other hand, to make sure our customers will not have problems in assembling, our workers always test during production, to make sure aluminum and accessories can work well together. If you have a new design, welcome to contact and discuss. We have also imported advanced foreign mold processing equipment and established an experienced technical molding team as sufficient reserves to meet requirements for high, precise, and sharp technology and products in the future.

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