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Four Commonly Used Processing Methods Of Aluminum Profiles


Aluminum alloy profile, as one kind of construction material, is always used together with other materials or products like glass, panels, so aluminum frame assembly is indispensable in the profile with processing. Most simply speaking, if we get an aluminum profile 6m long, we need to cut it into small sizes or the customized length before we use it. This kind of cutting is also one kind of processing method. Below shows the other commonly used processing:

1. The profile end face tapping. The tapping is convenient to install angle wheel, kick, but also conducive to the installation of aluminum parts of the elastic fastener, the installation of hexagon bolt, the installation of the semi-round head bolt. The installation of these accessories is to make the profiles fix closely connected together.

2. The profile cutting angle. Different structural frames, can not be boxy connections, Sometimes also need an angle connection. For example, for the door frame assembly, all of us know that it needs to cut 45 degrees of angle.

3.Countersunk head hole processing. This is convenient to cross-connect the profiles together.

4.The hole processing. This hole is an auxiliary cross-connection role, is a convenient wrench through the hole to tighten the bolt.


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