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The Difference Between Glass Curtain Wall And Aluminum Doors And Windows

The difference between glass curtain wall and aluminum window&door For a long time, the industry of curtain wall and door window concept definition has been unable to agree, both belong to the building maintenance...

Four Commonly Used Processing Methods Of Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum alloy profile, as one kind of construction material, is always used together with other materials or products like glass, panels, so aluminum frame assembly is indispensable in the profile with processing. Mo...

Development Prospects Of New High-Performance Aluminum Doors And Windows

Doors and windows are one of the important outer protective structures of buildings, which play the functions of sheltering from wind and rain, heat insulation, sound insulation, lighting, and ventilation. With the im...

Surface Strengthening Treatment Of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Dies

The extrusion dies in industrial aluminum profiles has a large extrusion force. It is used under high-temperature conditions and suffers from strong friction and wear. Although high-quality heat-resistant tool steel i...
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