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Surface Strengthening Treatment Of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Dies


The extrusion dies in industrial aluminum profiles has a large extrusion force. It is used under high-temperature conditions and suffers from strong friction and wear. Although high-quality heat-resistant tool steel is selected as the mold material, its hardness, wear resistance, and thermal fatigue resistance are still not high after traditional heat treatment. As a result, the service life of the mold is not long. In addition, due to the low surface hardness, it is easy to be worn, the surface finish of the working belt is gradually reduced, the anti-adhesion performance is poor, and the working belt is easy to adhere to small lumps. This grid causes pitting, scratches, and even scratches on the surface of the extruded profile, which seriously affects the surface quality of the architectural aluminum profile.

One of the most effective ways to improve the performance of the die and prolong the service life is to perform proper surface strengthening treatment on the extrusion die for aluminum profiles. Gas nitriding is an early mold surface strengthening treatment technology, but due to the long nitriding treatment time and the brittleness of the nitrided layer, it is not ideal for improving the service life of aluminum extrusion dies.

Our country’s extrusion die surface strengthening treatment technology is still relatively backward, and there is a relatively large gap compared with a foreign advanced level. Due to the rapid development of our country’s aluminum profile industry, especially the construction aluminum profile industry in recent years, people have paid great attention to the problem of surface strengthening of the aluminum extrusion dies, and have carried out research work on new technology for surface strengthening treatment of extrusion die.


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