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The Difference Between Glass Curtain Wall And Aluminum Doors And Windows


The difference between glass curtain wall and aluminum window&door

For a long time, the industry of curtain wall and door window concept definition has been unable to agree, both belong to the building maintenance structure, do not share the force on the main structure. Some certain boundary practices make qualitative doors and windows or curtain walls become difficult problems. Many companies in order to ensure the appearance, at the same time, considering cost saving, often make into effect of curtain wall, but design with doors and Windows material. To some extent, it not only brings trouble to the construction acceptance, but also the maintenance structure made from it lays hidden trouble to the safety. In order to avoid the continuation of this kind of situation, the concept of glass curtain wall is clearly defined in the Technical Specification for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering (JGJ102-2003) : the external maintenance structure or decorative line structure composed of support structure system and panel, which can have a certain displacement ability relative to the main structure, and does not share the role of the main structure.

This mentioned a point: relative to the main structure has a certain displacement ability. The doors and Windows, as the maintenance members bearing in the entrance of the main structure, cannot meet the ability to have a certain displacement relative to the main structure. In curtain wall design, the overall frame is suspended on the outside of the main structure, and the relative displacement can be ensured through the design of expansion joints and other structural measures.

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